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K-12 Schools

Weaving safety, efficiency, and accessibility into the fabric of education

Ensuring safe transportation for the next generation

Well-crafted site design fosters a positive learning environment, ensuring a smooth journey for every student amid budget constraints and diverse needs. Our services include:

  • Site access and on-site circulation design 

  • Parking analysis and strategies  

  • Safe routes to schools  

  • Bus routing and planning 

  • Support for both private and public schools 

  • Traffic studies for new and existing schools 

  • Non-motorized planning  

  • Off-site traffic improvements

  • Master planning for school campuses and sites 

  • Transportation management plans  

  • Traffic signal design  

  • Streetlighting/illumination design  

  • Negotiating with city and/or county staff  

  • Presenting at public meetings 

  • Testifying at hearings  

  • Zero emissions bus transition plans

Client Projects

A few of our recent favorites


Ferndale High School

Ferndale School District 

For the replacement of Ferndale High School, Transpo addressed site access, circulation, and parking needs. Extensive data collection allowed for evaluating current school travel patterns and walking and biking connectivity assessments, which led to suggested circulation improvements. The team also supported a transportation impact study, identifying potential off-site mitigation measures.

Bus Routing and Optimization

Northshore School District

As one of Washington State's largest districts, Northshore School District manages numerous buses for school transport, inter-school programs, and extracurricular activities. Transpo optimized school bus routing for start time policy changes by testing busing scenarios aligned with time goals, assisting in the implementation phase to ensure efficient transportation for the growing student population, including specialized services for students with disabilities.

Fife Elementary and High School

Fife School District

Transpo assisted the school district in design and permitting for a new elementary school co-located with Fife High School. Several scenarios were evaluated to best locate the building, parking areas, and maximize safe pick up and drop off activities. A signalized access for both the elementary and high schools was designed by Transpo.  Transpo played a key role in negotiating traffic mitigation requirements with the City.  

Experts in our field

Some of the folks we are lucky to work with

Parked School Buses

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