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Balancing the needs and safety of all roadway users

Seamless connectivity through innovative planning and engineering

Transportation corridor planning involves a comprehensive and strategic approach to designing and managing roads that facilitate the movement of people and goods, and to create safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation networks through a community. Our corridors expertise includes: 

  • Traffic Analysis 

  • Multimodal Integration 

  • Environmental and Community Impact 

  • Land Use Planning 

  • Safety Assessments 

  • Smart Transportation Technologies 

  • Intersection Alternatives 

  • Public Outreach 

Client Projects

A few of our recent favorites

Exit 229 - George Hopper Rd - West 200ft.jpg
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Allen St Corridor Study

City of Kelso, WA

Transpo worked with the City of Kelso and WSDOT to study potential improvements to the Allen Street corridor to improve safety and mobility. Goals included understanding what contributes to congestion and safety concerns in the area, what challenges users face, and identifying potential solutions to improve conditions and safety for all. The ultimate vision for this study is to meet the needs of people that live, work, and travel through the study area. 

SR 516 Corridor Study

City of Covington, WA/WSDOT

Transpo partnered with WSDOT and the City of Covington on a corridor study of SR 516. The corridor is less than one-half mile in length and includes five closely spaced signalized intersections, including on/off-ramps for SR 18. The study evaluated options that included traffic operations, safety, multimodal connectivity, constructability, and environmental impacts.

I-5 Skagit Transportation Study


Transpo assisted the WSDOT Northwest Region Mount Baker Area in completing the Phase 1 effort of the I-5 Skagit Transportation Study, to address capacity and safety performance issues along a  9-mile-long corridor that runs through the urban areas of Mount Vernon and Burlington in Skagit County.  

Experts in our field

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