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Active Transportation

Identifying and designing improvements for bicycle and pedestrian needs

Advocates for safety, comfort, and connectivity

Our Active Transportation expertise includes:

  • bicycle facility design including bike lanes, buffers, cycle tracks, shared use paths

  • intersection improvements

  • mid-block crossing and other crossing improvements

  • pedestrian signal design

  • sidewalk design

  • overall system safety

  • safe routes to school

  • campus planning

Client Projects

A few of our recent favorites

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California Street Improvements

City of Everett, WA

Transpo designed a bike and pedestrian corridor along California Street that connects downtown Everett, WA with the US 2 trail. The safety-focused improvements includes infill and new location sidewalk, raised cycle track, shared use path, and improved crossing designs that are inclusive of a wide range of users, but accommodate existing land use, parking and vehicle traffic. 

S Wenatchee Ave Bicycle Connectivity  

Transportation Council

Transpo evaluated alternatives for low-stress bicycle improvements on S Wenatchee Avenue and connecting corridors in South Wenatchee. The scope of the study included bilingual public engagement, identification of feasible alternatives, selection criteria and a preferred alternative. The recommended design included a mix of buffered bike lanes, protected cycle tracks and off-street connections. 

Parkview Safe
Routes to School

City of Bellingham, WA

Transpo developed plans, specifications and an estimate, implementing recommendations of a corridor planning study Transpo conducted prior to the City obtaining federal Safe Routes to School funding for the project. The design includes new location and infill sidewalks, bike lanes, roundabout conversion of a signal, curb ramps, raised and RRFB crossings, roadway realignment and illumination. 

Experts in our field

Some of the folks we are lucky to work with


"The Transpo team was creative in the integration of active mode facilities in the right of way and
focused on safety and mobility for all users throughout the design process.
-Freeman Anthony, PE City of Bellingham

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