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Smarter lighting for safer journeys

Enhancing safety, visibility, and security through a holistic approach to light

Transpo is familiar with various methods of illumination design including small target visibility, luminance, and illuminance utilizing AGI32 lighting software.


Our Illumination expertise includes:

  • Roadway Illumination Design

  • Parking Lot and Area Lighting

  • Intersection and Roundabout

  • Photometric Analysis and Design using AGi32

  • Multi-modal and Trails

  • Private and Plat developments

Client Projects

A few of our recent favorites

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Hapco BD-8.jpg
Kraken Lighting_northgate redev.jpg

Covington Connector

City of Covington, WA

Transpo provided roadway illumination design, amongst other things, for the complex multidisciplinary project, which is reconstructing 6,000-feet of existing roadway and constructing 5,000-feet of new roadway. The team led the effort to determine appropriate target light levels for the various roadway classifications evaluation and the selection of decorative pole/luminaire standard for entire project based on costs, aesthetics, coordination with local lighting representatives, and performance measures using AGi32.

Ten Trails

City of Black Diamond, WA

Transpo is managing the design of improvements in the City of Black Diamond as part of the Ten Trails master planned development. Transpo led the effort in developing material standards and specifications for the City’s decorative roadway illumination based on costs, aesthetics, and performance evaluations using AGi32. Transpo also helped develop illumination design target light levels for various roadway classifications for the City based on ANSI/IES RP-8-18 and Dark Sky Association (IDA) recommendations which have been adopted as the official roadway illumination design standards.

Northgate Mall Redevelopment

Seattle, WA

Transpo Group led on-site roadway, parking, and pedestrian-scale illumination design for the Northgate Mall Development project which includes the new Kraken Community Iceplex. The team worked with the client and project partners to select decorative luminaire pole/fixture combination based on cost, aesthetic, safety, and efficiency. Light level calculations were prepared, and on-site illumination was designed to meet current ANSI/EIS RP-8 guidelines and City of Seattle standards.

Experts in our field

Some of the folks we are lucky to work with

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