Orange County AV Policy Conference Presentations Portal

Preparing for Smart Transportation Technologies and CV/AV

Carlos Ortiz, Advantec

Harnessing the Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

Chris Ganson, California Governor's Office of Planning and Research

 The Autonomous Future

Debs Schrimmer, Lyft

 Complete Streets in an Automated Era

Hon. Michele Martinez, City of Santa Ana

The Golden Age of the Curb

Jeremy Klop, Fehr and Peers

Leaders for Livable Communities

Kate Meis, Local Government Commission

Regional Planning for Connected/Autonomous Vehicles

Kurt Brotcke, OCTA

Parking and Our Autonomous Future

Lilly Shoup, Nelson Nygaard

Mobility Innovations - Regional Research, Pilots and Demonstrations

Marco Anderson, SCAG

Autonomous Vehicle Policy/Framing the Issues

Ryan Snyder, Transpo Group

Transportation as a Service

Sharad Agarwal, Easy Mile

Local Issues-Land Use Planning

Veronica Siranosian, AECOM

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