Tools and Applications

Transpo Group constantly seeks out and masters the latest software and technology for all things related to transportation planning and design. Our desire to innovate, combined with our practice of testing and evaluating the benefits and drawbacks associated with various tools, allows us to provide clients with sound recommendations on the best and most efficient tool for each individual project.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Data collection systems
    (BlueMAC technology, Trimble GPS)
  • ITS system inventory management
    (ArcGIS, TransCAD)
  • Web-based video distribution
    (Cameleon Enterprise)

  • Land use and mapping
    (ArcGIS, TransCAD)
  • Pedestrian and bicycle connectivity
  • Plan production
    (InDesign, Corel, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Traffic operations analysis
    (Synchro, HCS, Traffix, Sidra)
  • Transit/TOD connectivity
  • Travel demand forecasting
    (EMME, VISUM, TransCAD)

  • ITS system inventory management
    (ArcGIS, TransCAD)
  • Connectivity analysis
  • GPS data collection software
    (Trimble, GPS Pathfinder, ArcPad)
Traffic Operations

  • Microsimulation modeling
    (VISSIM, Paramics, SimTraffic, CORSIM)
  • Intersection and arterial operations
    (Synchro, HCS, Traffix, Sidra)
Intersection and Arterial Design

  • Design
    (AutoCAD, MicroStation, InRoads, AutoTurn, Torus)
  • Illumination
    (AGI32, Aladdin)


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