Custom Solutions


As a service to our clients, Transpo developed an in-house Intelligent Transportation System Testing Facility called Transpo Labs that houses the latest ITS and signal systems hardware and software from various manufacturers. Located in our Kirkland office, the Transpo Labs facility is essential for helping clients assess various ITS hardware and software combinations, and make informed decisions on project direction. In our own time, Transpo utilizes the lab to bench test and evaluate the latest in ITS and traffic solutions – saving our clients time and money in research, evaluation and pilot installations.


Transpo Group is passionate about ensuring that pedestrians and bicyclists can easily connect to destinations, and that non-motorized traffic is considered in transportation plans. We help clients identify disconnected street networks, barriers such as freeways, and areas where sidewalks and bike lanes are lacking, all while considering the often limited funds available for such projects. ViaCity solutions help clients make smart decisions about connecting homes and businesses with pedestrian and bike paths, transit and streets. ViaCity’s RDI technology enables us to perform powerful connectivity analysis over large areas with parcel-level precision. Contact us to schedule a no-charge discussion of your connectivity needs with a ViaCity Solutions Specialist.

BlueMAC Hardware

BlueMAC uses Bluetooth technology to collect real-time arterial and frequency travel information. BlueMAC surveillance equipment provides accurate travel time and origin-destination data for vehicle and pedestrian applications on high-speed roadways, arterials, and pedestrian environments. BlueMAC includes portable, stand-alone units suitable for short-term traffic studies, as well as permanently mounted units for continuous real-time data reporting. The permanent units can be integrated into existing systems or act as a standalone technology that can be configured to meet specific data collection needs. BlueMAC technology is presented in conjunction with DigiWest.

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