Transit and Ferry Systems

Transpo Group is at the forefront of operations and connectivity analysis solutions for the rapidly changing multimodal transit landscape.

Transpo has conducted a wide range of corridor and city-wide transit analyses both locally and internationally. Our work has included:

  • Transit ITS planning and design, including traffic signal bus priority treatment, queue jumps and bypass lane design
  • Transit operations analysis, route simulation, and transit speed and reliability assessment
  • Bus stop and transit station design, access and circulation planning
  • Evaluation of first and last mile connectivity to transit
  • Transit mode alternatives analysis
  • Transit route and station area planning
  • Transit center design and evaluation
  • Ferry terminal operations and master planning

The transit planning landscape is rapidly changing. New policies seek performance-based measures that identify and rank connectivity projects within transit station areas. In response, Transpo developed ViaCity, a GIS-based software tool. Designed specifically for detailed connectivity analysis and scoring, ViaCity delivers powerful yet intuitive connectivity results to help assess gaps, analyze alternatives, and rank projects with respect to transit access, smart growth and active living. Learn more by visiting the ViaCity website.

In addition, we help agencies with ferry terminal planning and operations, including master planning.  Transpo  addresses greater multimodal access to terminals, improved vehicle and pedestrian circulation, and strategies to enhance safety for all users. We also analyze vehicle holding areas and queuing, including assessing off-site impacts, and offer solutions to minimize affects to the surrounding community.

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