Automated Driving System - Vision For Safety - NHTSA

2016 AV Symposium Summary

Are Consumers Willing to Pay to Let Cars Drive for Them_ Analyzing Response to Autonomous Vehicles

Automated Vehicles - Implications for the Insurance Industry in Canada

Automated Vehicles, On-Demand Mobility, and Environmental Impacts

Automation for Thinking Highways

Autonomous and Automated and Connected Cars Oh My! First Generation of Autonomous Cars in the Legal Ecosystem

Autonomous Vehicle Implication Predictions - 2015

Autonomous Vehicle Implication Predictions - 2017

Autonomous Vehicles and Commercial Real Estate

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Parking

Bloomberg Survey - Public Perceptions of Driverless Cars Report

Climbing Mt. Next- The Effects of AVs on Society

Cooperative Vehicle Highway Automation Systems

Evaluation of Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Communication Displays for Autonomous Vehicles

Help or Hindrance_ The Travel, Energy, and Carbon Impacts of AV

Impacts of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control on Freeway Capacity

INRIX Identifies Top US Cities for Highly Autonomous Vehicle Deployment

Linking the Past to the Future

Measuring Automated Vehicle Impacts on Congested Networks Using Simulation

On the Road - A Futuristic Look at Self-Driving Vehicles and Commercial Real Estate

Potential Impact of Self-Driving Vehicles on Household Vehicle Demand and Usage

Public Health, Ethics and AVs

Road Safety with Self-Driving Vehicles - General Limitations and Road Sharing with Conventional Vehicles

Self Driving Cars-The Impact on People with Disabilities

Sensor Fusion- A Comparison of Sensing Capabilities of Human Drivers and Highly Automated Vehicles

Technical Challenges for Fully Automated Driving Systems

Using an Activity-Bases Model to Explore Possible Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Preparing for Future Transportation AutomatedVehicles-3.0 (US Dept of Transportation)

AVs in the Pacific-NW Baseline Report Aug2018

Infrastructure Initiatives to Apply Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology to Roadway Departures

NCHRP20-102_CV-AV-Summary July 2018

Planning for Autonomous Mobility

Seattle DOT - New Mobility Playbook

Transit Bus Automation Project Transferability Automation Technologies

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