Traffic Management, Operations and ITS Support

Traffic mgmt ops and its support - TMC


Abu Dhabi Municipality and Department of Transport


Abu Dhabi Municipality and Department of Transport


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Transpo is leading the delivery of traffic management, operations, and ITS services for a multi-year program to enhance the overall safety and mobility of the Abu Dhabi transportation network. Over 20 team members are integrated with the Department of Transport conducting a technology and knowledge transfer program. Our team will grow as new developments come online within the Cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Transpo manages network operations and maintenance, and implements new technologies to enhance traffic management center operations focused on congestion and incident management. Many of our IT solutions are currently in operation within the traffic management center and roadside on both junction and corridor optimization programs.

As program managers, Transpo’s services include optimizing ITS systems such as variable message signs and CCTV, and evaluating and testing new ITS technologies, such as web-based video distribution, archived data warehousing, and an adaptive signal control system.