Spokane Valley ITS Planning and Corridor Design

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City of Spokane Valley


City of Spokane Valley


Spokane Valley, WA

Transpo worked with the City of Spokane Valley on a federally-funded ITS Strategic Plan.  Work included preparing a roadmap for the implementation of ITS equipment throughout the city, on main arterials that serve as critical corridors for freight and commuters.  Additionally, Transpo performed stakeholder outreach, system inventory, recommended ITS equipment and prepared a communication plan.

The ITS strategic plan began by inventorying the City’s existing signal and ITS equipment, resulting in proposed future upgrades to meet the City’s needs and vision. A 10-year plan with phased projects to achieve the ITS goals and cost estimates for TIP and grant funding were established. Design plans and specifications for construction and installation of ITS equipment and infrastructure were prepared for the first phase of ITS upgrades along Sprague Avenue, which are currently under construction.  The upgrades include fiber optic infrastructure and CCTV systems that are integrated into the County’s traffic management center. Transpo also designed a second project continuing the ITS system along Sprague Avenue and Sullivan Road.