North Wenatchee (SR 285) Transportation Master Plan

SR 285 N Wenatchee Master Plan


Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council


Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council


Wenatchee, WA

The Wenatchee Valley Transportation Council selected a team led by Transpo to develop the transportation master plan for the North Wenatchee Avenue corridor. Also called SR 285, the corridor serves commuters, freight traffic, transit, businesses, and provides access to residential areas and parks.

The resulting plan called for development of a new, parallel corridor known as Confluence Parkway. The new corridor adds capacity for highway mobility to serve freight, transit, and access to regional destinations. By shifting through traffic to the new corridor, the existing North Wenatchee Avenue can better serve adjacent commercial businesses. The plan also identifies strategies for improving the SR 285/US 2 interchange to eliminate safety and operational issues at an existing traffic signal, while enhancing access to residential and commercial areas. Transpo addressed strategies to improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists, such as new trails, non-motorized overcrossings/undercrossings, and reconstruction of sidewalks and intersections.

The master plan provides the blueprint for the regional partners to seek funding for projects that systematically improve the safety, operations and look and feel of this main entryway into the city. Visit the WVTC website for more information.